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RSS Synergy has been creating innovative, leading edge software for rehab using the latest technologies since 1991.

Our latest product E - RehabDocs is the most significant documentation and exercise product ever produced for this field.

Using only the latest technologies such as touch screens, tablet PCs, hand writing or voice recognition, our providers can create the increasingly complex documents required in almost any type of rehabilitation environment.

Below you will find just a very small sample of the screen and report samples included with this product.  Because it has virtually unlimited capacity for customization and modification on a user by user basis the potential custom documents and reports are endless.

Daily Notes

typical screen shot...

Each user, therapist, tech or physician has their own document templates which make the creation of custom notes, evals and letters quick and easy.  In some cases daily notes, letters, and exercises can be created in just a few seconds. 



Adding graphic images to individual notes or documents can be done via image capture, digital cameras, cell phones, twain compliant scanners or just drag and drop from file folders.



Typical custom report (generated in less than 10 seconds - click to enlarge)


 Call 888-252-1055 for Sample Packet or Install Full Version for Free Trial on Downloads Page.