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E-RehabDocs is the most innovative, easy to use, documentation and exercise program for medical professionals ever created.  With installations from Washington to New York.... from California to Florida, E-RehabDocs is a time-tested proven product that enhances the ability of rehab providers to provide professional documentation with unprecedented speed for 1000s of new patients every day.

Using only the latest technologies such as touch screens, tablet PCs, hand writing or voice recognition, our providers can create the increasingly complex documents required in almost any type of rehabilitation environment.


Product Environment: Runs on Windows XP, 2000 or Vista in single user or network environments.  E-RehabDocs can support up to 50 simultaneous users and an unlimited number of PC's.


Designed to take maximum advantage of

  • touch-screen video panels

  • pen based and hand-writing recognition technologies - tablet PCs

  • lap-tops, notebook and desk-tops.  

Our Software is currently used in a variety of clinical settings including:

  • Projection of a professional image to referral sources
  • Very small to very large private PT and OT practices
  • Chiropractic clinics
  • Facilities with multiple local or with wide spread clinics
  • Multi-disciplinary clinics
  • Both small and large hospitals
  • Home health providers
  • Nursing homes

Because E-RehabDocs is so highly modifiable, it has successfully been used for:

  • General PT and OT
  • Orthopedics
  • Sports medicine
  • Neurological rehab
  • Pediatric & geriatrics
  • Chiropractic care
  • Speech therapy
  • Recreation therapy
  • Industrial rehab and more....


Frequently Overlooked Importance and Value of Quality Documentation:

  • Projection of a professional image to referral sources

  • Improved ability to obtain payment for services or pre-authorization

  • Decreased dedication of the Professional's time to documentation (More time to see patients)

  • Improved perception of professional quality by patients


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