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Frequently Asked Questions...


    Table of Contents 

  1. What Technical Platform is E-RehabDocs Written In?
  2. What Language is E-RehabDocs Written In ?
  3. What is E-RehabDocs Price Range?
  4. Is E-RehabDocs Single or Multi-User Capable?
  5. Does it Integrate With Other Products?
  6. Include Payment / Billing Systems?
  7. What Features Does E-RehabDocs Offer?
  8. What Types of Customer Service Do You Offer?
  9. What Setting Are Appropriate to E-RehabDocs?
  10. What Forms of Entry are Possible?
  11. What Sets E-RehabDocs Apart From the Competition?


Technical Platform ... ?

Windows XP, 2000 or Vista




MS Access/Jet 4.0/SQL/Visual Basic/VBA / Active X - Programming Languages

English/Spanish Document Creation / Interface



Price range

Free Unlimited, Fully Functional Trial Available by Download **, CD or DVD


Pricing Depends upon Components / # facilities / # users


Cash Discount - Flexible In-House no-interest and 3rd party financing available



Is your software multi- or single-user based?

Server/Client, Peer to Peer or Stand Alone Client / Thin Client



Does your software integrate with other programs?

Integrated Launch Links Available


Does your software include prospective payment system applications?

No / Launch Links Available


What features does your software offer?

Daily Notes, Evaluations (Initial / progress / discharge / 700/701 / FCE reports / Plan of Care – All Infinitely Customizable)


Clinical Correspondence (Insurance, Pre-cert, Peer-Review & Attorney letters, Multi-Disciplinary Capable, work restrictions / Excused absences etc..)


English & Spanish Home and Clinical Exercises & Flow Sheets (Unlimited Expansion and

Customization – hundreds of report styles)


Hand-writing Recognition, Tablet and Touch-screen Capable, Voice Integration Capable, Drag and Drop Graphics & Imaging.


What kind of customer service do you offer, i.e., maintenance, training, upgrades, etc.?

Free one year support – Toll free Phone –

Live web based Web support and Training included.  **

Free / Frequent Semi-auto Web Updates for Licensed Customers **

On-Site Installation / Training not necessary due to Live-Web Capabilities **

But on-site available (by quote) -



What settings are appropriate for your software, e.g., acute care, skilled nursing facility, private practice, etc.?

PT, OT, Industrial or any other type of rehab setting…

This includes private practice, hospital, nursing home & home health. 

(This is due to its very high customizability and multi-platform nature.)



What forms of entry are possible, i.e., laptop, hand held, bar code, dictation, etc.?

Desktop, laptop or tablet PC with full hand-writing recognition capability.


Touch-screen capable – Voice integration capable  


Stand-alone or network versions are available.


       What sets your software apart from the competition?

Designed by Rehab Professionals for Rehab Professionals 


The fastest most highly customizable documentation software available

(Complete notes, letters and exercises in seconds – complex evaluations in just minutes…)


Artificial Intelligence allows, E-RehabDocs to easily learn to document the way that each professional writes.


Fully Functional Free Trials by Download **, CD or DVD.


Free - Live -Web Based Guidance, Tutorial and Support by Rehab Professionals.   **


Free – 128 bit encrypted - Web Based Backups for Licensed Users **



** High speed internet connection recommended for these features…